A portrait artist in perspective - Mai Griffin - excerpt from The Gulf Times


Mai Griffin’s gallery pages have been divided into Six sections.

Portraits in Oil

Landscapes in Oil

Wildlife Paintings etc in Oil

Still Life and Less Still Life


Prints Available

The Galleries show a selection from Mai’s 74 years of commissioned work.

The “Prints Available” section will take you to another website where you can see a selection of Mai’s work in higher resolution, including some newer items that may still be available as originals in Oil or Watercolour.

After over seventy-four years of painting, much of Mai’s work has not been documented – a book is being written about Mai and her work – so if anyone is aware of paintings not shown here please get in touch with the authors via her agent manager@mabc.biz – full credits and acknowledgement to public/ private collections would be included in the published work where appropriate. 

In all cases the copyright remains with the artist and her family. None may be reproduced without the family’s permission. Where prints are available these are sourced directly through the Artist’s family or through websites given express permission by the Artist’s family.

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